Digital railway operation with software from RailNaviGo IT Development & Provider Ltd.

Since 1992, RailNaviGo Ltd. (along with its predecessors) and its employees have been developing software supporting a wide range of railway technological processes.

Currently, we are developing sophisticated software systems to support our partners' ever-increasing needs in the freight-traffic and slow-goods traffic sectors. In addition to the aforementioned areas, we also develop custom software solutions for private railway companies and provide IT support.


GPS locomotive tracking, train and crew activity logging

Check the real-time status and location of your active locomotives and their crew!

Safe GPS-tracking, duty time and train logging with Android-based client application.

Crew activity logging without costly on-board instruments.
We provide all the information that is needed to produce digital journey reports, support the accounting side of your business and assist the daily work of train dispatchers.
Railway specific base map with geo-fencing, railway POI-s and network statement data!

Digital journey documents

Manage your data digitally so you can check the operation of your company anytime, anywhere!

Real-time, on-line digital journey report. Conforming to recommendations set by authorities.
Accessible via mobile and web for train drivers, dispatchers and managers alike!

You can avoid the piling of journey reports at the end of the month!

Our system provides precise data for worktime accounting, provides train-performance and locomotive-milage reporting. Production of digital journey documents and recording of completion certificates, work train, emergency train traffic and shunting operations through mobile devices

Route and interface management

Connect your enterprise to external IT services to improve your efficiency!

We provide bi-directional interface management towards the MÁV - IÜR, GYSEV - VIHAR and VPE's KAPELLA2, EHÜSZ and VÁB systems.
We undertake custom interface development and maintenance, even between railway companies if needed.
Our system processes and manages external traffic data. It supports the completion of digital journey documents with information it has collated from its mobile client devices.

Journey planning and calculating costs of the right of access to the railway infrastructure

Plan your delivery tasks in seconds! Make a quote and calculate the cost with a few clicks!

Our interactive, map-based journey planning system supports your work with up-to-date network statement data
Along with the parameters of the planned route, we calculate the planned costs and then record the factual data of the completed transportation.

Every data is at hand for planning!
We collect the factual data!

Staff, locomotive and crew scheduling and registry

Assume control and make the allocation of resources transparent with the help of our system!

  • Complete resource inventory.
  • Monitoring vehicle parameters, exams, deadlines.
  • Monitoring and notification of the expiration of personnel examinations (medical, line knowledge, model-specific).
  • You can manage transport tasks, routes, locomotive and staff assignments, plan-fact transport in one place!

Railway GIS support, map and route book

Take advantage of our Railroad Route Book, which can be accessed anywhere and anytime with an easy-to-use Android™ app!

Our digital route book contains the entirety of the Hungarian railway network graph and all necessary object parameters in a single central database!
Our database is compatible with RINF as per conforming to the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/773 of 16 May 2019 Appendix D2.

All of these are available online with our web and mobile applications, they are updated immediately upon order!

"Dossier" document and message management system

With our "Dosszié" Document Tracking System, you can conveniently ensure that instructions and documents reach your staff in a safe and verifiable manner!

Everything you need onboard the locomotive or even in the railway and business processes: documentation, orderly book, messages, all with acknowledgements and confirmation!

Document storage, archival and retrieval!
All in one place, on our server!

Cost drivers, Resource controlling

Put the collected data to good use! Evaluate the efficiency of your company in real-time!

Using RailNaviGo’s IT solutions, the goal of data collection and the recording of activities – besides supporting operational decision making – is to support the controlling of the accounting of private railway companies.

In addition to the data provision mandated by authorities, we consider the accounting of corporate resources to be of paramount importance.

  • train registers, train tonne-kilometres, freight tonne-kilometre
  • recording of vehicle performance - recording of consumption, locomotive mileage, fuel/energy accounting
  • staff performance - service hours, driving times, efficiency, can be integrated with existing payroll systems

We flexibly adapt to the specific needs of your company! We also undertake the production of documents and reports according to individual needs based on information extracted from the collected data.

Server and hosting service. All in one place for success.

During the use of our services, RailNaviGo Ltd. provides the necessary IT resources. For the sake of business continuity and operational security of our customers, we have redundant server systems operated simultaneously at multiple geographical locations.

The storage services provided by us are GDPR-compatible. 

You don’t need to have your own IT infrastructure and IT service staff.
You do not need to license expensive server operating systems, database servers, development environments, employ system architects, programmers, because all of these are readily available at RailNaviGo Ltd.!
At RailNaviGo Ltd. railway & IT expertise go hand in hand!

We provide a 0-24 on-line helpdesk for our partners!

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